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By Zbigniew Romanowicz, Tom eMusic, Bartholomew Dyda

ISBN-10: 1623210283

ISBN-13: 9781623210281

100 Math Brainteasers (Grade 7-10) is a sophisticated number of 100 mathematics, algebra, and geometry assignments, which successfully educate the brain in math talents. it is going to be valuable for college kids attending highschool and in addition in education for Mathematical competitions or Olympiads at a more youthful age. The assignments can both be utilized in the school room or in extracurricular actions. the joys and video games are pleasant, unique, and fixing them is much more stress-free because of the humorous illustrations.

Most of the maths difficulties don't require any unprecedented mathematical skillability, yet primarily, they problem one's creativity and talent to imagine logically. just a couple of solicit the information of algebraic expressions and ideas of geometry.

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What year was Mr. Wilson born in? 27. MR. T’S SONS The age of each of Mr. Triangle’s three sons is an integer. The sum of these integers equals 12, and their arithmetic product is 30. How old is each of Mr. Triangle’s sons? 28. MYSTERIOUS MULTIPLICATION What digits should be substituted for A and B to obtain a correct equation: AB × A × B = BBB, where AB is a two-digit number and BBB is a three-digit one? 29. A ONE HUNDRED-HEADED DRAGON Once upon a time, there lived a fierce dragon, which had a hundred heads.

THE SMALLEST NUMBER OUT OF THREE Which of the following numbers is the smallest: 53. SUM UP IN THE SIMPLEST WAY Give a simple way to calculate the sum: 54. WATERMELON HALVES Catherine sold watermelons in the market. The first customer, Ms. Angela, bought half the watermelons there were and a half of one. The second customer, Ms. Barbara, bought half of the remaining fruit and the very half Ms. Angela had left behind. The third customer, Ms. Cindy, again bought half of what remained and a half of one fruit.

Find the right order in which the villages are located along the road. 68. DIVIDE THE TRAPEZOID INTO TWO How can you divide the trapezoid into two parts so that after being folded, they will form a triangle? 69. , adjacent) parts. 70. CUTTING THE FIGURE INTO THREE A plane figure consists of two squares such that AB = BC (see figure). Divide the figure with two perpendicular cuttings so that after translation of the three parts, they form one square. 71. RECTANGLE OF SQUARES The rectangle presented in the figure below consists of six squares, the smallest of them having two-inch sides.

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100 Math Brainteasers. Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry Brain Teasers, Puzzles, Games, and Problems... by Zbigniew Romanowicz, Tom eMusic, Bartholomew Dyda

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