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By John Hempel

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It kind of feels extraordinary that no-one has reviewed this e-book earlier, yet definitely this is often end result of the repute of the e-book and the truth that the vast majority of these searching for it haven't any want for a evaluation; despite the fact that, a minority could discover a assessment of what this publication is and is not helpful of their determination to shop for or not.

What this e-book isn't really: 1) An advent to topology, or perhaps to low-dimensional topology. somebody who has heard of 3-manifolds and gotten excited might do higher to get a style of the topic in different places first, e.g. in Rolfsen's _Knots and Links_. 2) A study monograph designed to convey the reader on top of things on present examine on 3-manifolds. This publication is ready 30 years previous and does not even point out the Geometrization Conjecture of Thurston. three) A e-book at the function of knot concept in 3-manifolds. Knots play an incredible function within the thought, not just theoretically, yet as a wealthy resource of examples to sharpen the instinct and try conjectures (through Dehn surgical procedures on knots and links). This function isn't mentioned during this book.

What this e-book is: 1) A primer for topologists trying to develop into experts in 3-manifolds. the elemental theorems relating to top decomposition, loop and sphere theorems, Haken hierarchy, and Waldhausen's theorems on Haken manifolds are defined intimately. those may be thought of the various highlights even supposing a lot suitable fabric is unavoidably additionally defined. As might be befitting a primer, the JSJ decomposition and attribute submanifold concept isn't really integrated. Jaco's ebook enhances Hempel through masking this fabric. 2) A reference for these already conversant in the cloth. The writing kind is especially concise and to the purpose. This makes it easy to appear up a theorem to refresh one's reminiscence on a sticky aspect in an explanation. As an creation to the fabric, a few passages could be terse, yet unavoidably after a few attempt, they are often "decoded" thoroughly, not like a few texts that could be extra verbose yet can by no means be totally deciphered. i believe there can be a lot extra photographs; there aren't very many, to assert the least. but when the reader attracts his/her personal images, this is just not an excessive amount of of a problem.

Some ultimate feedback: This booklet serves its twin position as a primer and reference admirably, however the reader may possibly wander off within the information and lose the wooded area for the bushes. regrettably, the single method to rectify this looks to learn a number of papers at the topic to get a great think of many of the threads that inspire present study. yet with Hempel's _3-manifolds_ in hand, this activity is far more uncomplicated and stress-free.

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D) How many straight lines are there parallel to a given straight line? (e) How many different families of parallel straight lines are there? 32. 14 Theorems of Thales, Menelaus and Ceva 43 find a triangle ABC such that its medians are on these straight lines, the vertex A is on the first straight line, and the point (1/3, 0) is the midpoint of the side BC. 33. Consider, in the affine plane R2 , the points A = (2, 3), G = (1, −1) and the straight lines r : x − 3y + 1 = 0, s : 2x + 5y − 1 = 0. Determine the unique triangle having A as one of its vertices, G as barycenter, and such that the other two vertices are on the straight lines r and s, respectively.

Pi Pi−1 , Pi Pi+1 , . . , Pi Pr , i = 2, . . , r − 1, are linearly independent. 8. Find the equation and draw approximately the straight line parallel to r : (0, 1) + (1, 1) , through the point (0, 2), in the affine space of Example 3, page 3. 9. Consider the linear varieties of the affine space R4 given respectively by the following equations: ⎧ ⎧ ⎨ x + y − z − 2t = 0, ⎨ −z + t = 1, 3x − y + z + 4t = 1, 2x + y + z − t = 0, ⎩ ⎩ 2y − 2z − 5t = −1/2. 4x + 2y + 2z + t = 3. ⎧ ⎨ 2x − y + t = −1, 3x + z = 0.

N Let us fix a basis (v1 , . . , vr ) of F . Put vj = i=1 aij ei , j = 1, . . , r. It is clear that X = (x1 , . . , xn ) ∈ L if and only if there are scalars λj , j = 1, . . , r such that r xi = qi + λj aij , i = 1, . . , n. 4) are called parametric equations of the linear variety L. These equations impose restrictions between the affine coordinates xi of the points of L. We shall see that they are solutions of a certain linear system. We will use some well-known properties of the rank of a matrix, which can be found, for instance, in [8], page 200.

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