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Do not hearken to Phil Hellmuth marks not only a poker revolution, yet an evolution besides. For these who have lengthy questioned why their video games cannot take the plunge into profitability, the reply has arrived within the kind of a question: have you thought of that a lot of what stands for ultra-modern mainstream poker idea is inaccurate?

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In particular, look for opponents who are always complaining about their bad luck, or berating other players for their weak play – no strong poker player would ever do either of those things. 84 Never begin an online tournament that you may not have time to complete. And if it’s a Hold’em tournament, check whether it’s Limit or No Limit. Most Limit tournaments contain at least one player who thought he was entering a No Limit tournament – not surprisingly, he is almost always one of the first to be knocked out.

For example, every online poker room will tell you what percentage of flops you are seeing. If it’s more than 30%, you’re seeing far too many flops. Reduce your losses by tightening up your starting hand restrictions immediately. 61 Make notes on your opponents. Most online poker rooms offer the facility of right-clicking on your opponent’s avatar and making notes on his play. These notes are saved indefinitely, so you can build up a huge database on your opponents over time. Even if you only rate them as weak or strong, tight or loose, you’ll have an invaluable resource that can only improve your decision-making.

44 A surprising number of players think it is clever to behave as though they have the opposite hand to the one they actually hold. For example, a player holding the nuts will frequently bet with a sigh, as though he’s very reluctant to put his money down. If someone does this, you should usually fold unless you have strong evidence to the contrary. 45 Watch for tells from players who have already folded. For example, if the flop comes 7-2-2, and someone pulls a face, he’s quite probably folded 7-2.

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