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5 W or greater surface-mount resistor. If the input current is doubled, power consumption quadruples as it increases as the square of the input current (or as the square of the applied voltage). This can easily lead to device failure (see the preceding section on input protection basics for input current limitations of ADI in-amps). Except for ESD events, it is always best to adopt a conservative approach and treat all transient input signals as full duration inputs. Designs that are expected to survive such events over long periods of time must use resistors with enough resistance to protect the in-amp’s input circuitry from failure and enough power to prevent resistor burnout.

Frequency 3-6 +VS +VS +VS VB –IN 400 Q1 A1 –VS R2 400 Q2 C2 UNITY GAIN BUFFERS A2 +IN –VS C1 R1 15k +VS 3k 3k A3 VOUT +VS GAIN-OF-5 DIFFERENCE AMPLIFIER –VS 15k Figure 3-15. AD8225 Simplified Schematic VREF –VS ��� Fixed Gain In-Amps The AD8225 has a wide gain bandwidth product, resulting from its being compensated for a fixed gain of 5, as opposed to the usual unity gain compensation of variable gain in-amps. High frequency performance is also enhanced by the innovative pinout of the AD8225.

For details concerning the entire line of monolithic inamps produced by Analog Devices, refer to Appendix B. Figure 4 -15 shows the AD8130’s CMR vs. fre quency. 5V 80 CMR (dB) 1 GAIN (dB) 0 –1 60 VS = 5V –2 VS = 12V –3 40 –5 30 1k –6 1 10 100 VS = 5V 50 –4 –7 VS = 15V 70 10k 100k FREQUENCY (Hz) 1M Figure 4-15. AD8130 CMR vs. Frequency 400 FREQUENCY (MHz) Figure 4-14. AD8130 Frequency Response vs. Supply Voltage Figure 4-13 shows the CMR vs. frequency of the AD8130. Figure 4 -14 shows its frequency response vs.

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