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By P. D. Ouspensky

ISBN-10: 0486297012

ISBN-13: 9780486297019

Prime occultist analyzes yes older faculties of notion, of either East and West, connects them with sleek principles and explains them within the mild of 20th-century discoveries and speculations in physics and philosophy. interesting discussions of relativity, the fourth measurement, Christian symbolism, the tarot, yoga, desires and extra. Stimulating and thought-provoking.

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It may be asked why barbarism must inevitably destroy civilisation, why civilisation cannot destroy barbarism. It is easy to answer this question. First of all such a thing has never been known to happen in all the history we know, whereas the opposite phenomenon, that is, the destruction of civilisation by barbarism, the victory of barbarism over civilisation, has occurred continually and is occurring now. And, as has been mentioned before, we may judge of the fate of a great wave of culture by the fate of the smaller waves of culture of individual races and peoples.

The life of Christ, taken as we know it from the Gospels, represents the same Mystery as those which were performed in Egypt on the island of Philæ, in Greece at Eleusis, and in other places. The idea was the same, namely the death of the god and his resurrection. The only difference between the Mysteries as they were performed in Egypt and Greece and the Mystery which was played in Palestine lies in the fact that the latter was played in real life, not on the stage but amidst real nature, in the streets and public places of real towns, in real country, with the sky, mountains, lakes and trees for scenery, with a real crowd, with real emotions of love, malice and hatred, with real nails, with real sufferings.

E. of secrets concealed from mankind by nature. This definition is the definition of " Divine Wisdom ", or, if we take the words of the Alexandrine philosophers of the 3rd century, it is the definition of the " Wisdom of the Gods ", or " Theosophy " in the widest sense of the word, or of the Brahma Vidya of Indian philosophy. e. of the inner circle of humanity itself, and the history and origin of the knowledge it possesses. (b) The idea of the acquisition of this knowledge by men, that is, initiation and " schools ".

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