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By Willy Schrodter

ISBN-10: 0877287570

ISBN-13: 9780877287575

First-ever own account of the key sciences of the Rosicrncians, translated into English. Schrodter researched info on such themes as blood telegraphy, ever-burning lamps, optics, non secular abilities in therapeutic, transplantation, isopathy, and magnetism.

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Kulik could only speculate about some freak effect of the shock wave which had left an area of trees protected from the blast. Sketching the phenomenon for a journalist a few years later, he guessed it to be "some kind of node or region of rest due to the interference of air waves," but the dead, upright forest remained one of the most inexplicable discoveries of the expedition. Beyond the zone of standing trees, which seemed to Kulik to exist in a huge ring around the actual impact point, he found what they had traveled thousands of miles to see - the peat bog in which, he guessed, the vast meteoritic mass had landed.

Clinging to the boat, he pulled himself to the bank and emerged safely, still wearing his spectacles. After arriving at the Southern Swamp, the group explored a wider area around the fall point and conducted a magnetic survey, hoping to detect traces of meteorite fragments imbedded in the peat. Although some Tungus had reported finding unusual bits of shiny metal "brighter than the blade of a knife and resembling in color a silver coin," Kulik's primitive magnetic instruments detected nothing. The team tried to dig into the large circular depressions, which he was sure were craters caused by meteorite fragments, but the water and boggy soil made penetration almost impossible without boring and draining equipment.

He was wrong, but at this time neither he nor any other scientists had sufficient knowledge to explain this type of radiant burning. Like earlier investigators, Kulik also found that some Tungus preferred not to discuss the event. A few were openly hostile. Gradually he learned the details of a new religion that had sprung up among some inhabitants of the taiga since the explosion, one which made the Tungus unwilling to help anyone approach the fall site. The fiery body, they claimed, was a visitation from the god Ogdy (Fire), who had cursed the area by smashing the trees and killing all the animals.

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