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By M. K. Bennett

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A big new point of view on AFFINE AND PROJECTIVE GEOMETRYThis cutting edge publication treats math majors and math schooling scholars to a clean examine affine and projective geometry from algebraic, artificial, and lattice theoretic issues of view.Affine and Projective Geometry comes entire with 90 illustrations, and diverse examples and routines, overlaying fabric for 2 semesters of upper-level undergraduate arithmetic. the 1st a part of the publication bargains with the correlation among artificial geometry and linear algebra. within the moment half, geometry is used to introduce lattice idea, and the booklet culminates with the elemental theorem of projective geometry.While emphasizing affine geometry and its foundation in Euclidean strategies, the ebook: * Builds an appreciation of the geometric nature of linear algebra * Expands scholars' figuring out of summary algebra with its nontraditional, geometry-driven strategy * Demonstrates how one department of arithmetic can be utilized to end up theorems in one other * offers possibilities for additional research of arithmetic by way of a number of skill, together with historic references on the ends of chaptersThroughout, the textual content explores geometry's correlation to algebra in ways in which are supposed to foster inquiry and improve mathematical insights even if one has a history in algebra. The perception provided is very very important for potential secondary lecturers who needs to significant within the topic they educate to satisfy the licensing requisites of many states. Affine and Projective Geometry's large scope and its communicative tone make it a fantastic selection for all scholars and execs who wish to extra their figuring out of items mathematical.

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Each congruence class [k] mod η has a unique representative from the set Z„ = { 0 , 1 , . . , η - 1}, called the set of residues mod n. The residue mod η of an arbitrary integer k is the remainder obtained when k is divided by n. For example, the residue mod 5 of 42 is 2, while its residue mod 9 is 6. As was discussed in Chapter 1, where η was assumed to be prime, residues can be added and multiplied: For i, j e Z„, ι + „ / is the residue mod η of i + j . Analogously / x j is the residue mod η of the integer y.

C„. For ι = 2 , . . 2. 7 as shown in Fig. 7. These η - 1 lines are all different, since the points C , . . , C „ are distinct. If A. is any line parallel to i, then must intersect / ( C , , C ) , since <^ is the only line containing C, which is parallel to I. Therefore lC\ / ( C , , C ) = C, for some i, so d = Consequently the lines l . . , t are the only lines parallel to / . (iv) Finally, suppose that Β is any point, and / are the η + 1 lines containing B. Each of these lines is in a pencil (consisting of η lines), so the lines through B, together with the lines parallel to them, account for n(n + 1) distinct lines.

Construct three of order 5. 5 AFFINE PLANES AND LATIN SQUARES We will denote by H(n) the maximal number of mutually orthogonal Latin squares of order n. In this language it was already seen that H(2) = H(6) = 1 and that H(n) ^ 2 otherwise. Results on affine planes in Chapter 4 will imply that whenever ρ is a prime number, H(p ) = p - 1. The connection between pencils of parallel lines and Latin squares is summarized in the following theorem: k k • THEOREM 9. For η :> 2, there is an affine plane of order η if and only if / / ( « ) > η - 1.

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