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By Colin Wilson

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Is the near-death event a security mechanism of the mind or have humans really been at the threshold of one other international? Colin Wilson assesses the facts that includies mediumship, paranormal job, spirit sightings, and spirit communications. peculiarly, he comprises the amazing case histories of people that declare to have "died, " and stated their stories of the afterlife.

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I sat down, my legs hanging over a dangerous slope or precipice, my back leaning on a rock as big as an armchair. I chose that brink because there was no snow, and because I could face better the magnificent panorama of the Alpes Bernoises. I at once remembered that in my pocket there were two cigars, and put one between my teeth, lighted a match and considered myself the happiest of men. Suddenly I felt as if thunderstruck by apoplexy, and though the match burned my fingers, I could not throw it down.

There he is stealing a leg of chicken. ’ I felt neither surprise nor vexation; I simply stated the facts with indifference. ’ said I, ‘there is my wife going to Lucerne, and she told me that she would not leave before tomorrow, or after tomorrow … They are five before the hotel at Lungern. Well, wife, I am a dead man. ’ … My only regret was that I could not cut the string. In vain I travelled through so beautiful worlds that earth became insignificant.

The soldier who found himself ‘outside his earthly body’. The near-death experience of Sir Auckland Geddes. A-consciousness and B-consciousness. Sir Alexander Ogston’s out-of-the-body experience. Rudolf Steiner’s fourfold division of man. Hans Driesch’s experiment with the sea urchin. Harold Burr’s ‘life fields’. The Kahuna theory of the ‘three selves’. ‘Nature spirits’. Adam Crabtree’s case of ‘possession’ by a non-human entity. Rosalind Heywood’s experience with the ‘evil spirit’. 3: Invasion of the Spirit People Catherine Crowe’s Night Side of Nature.

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