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By Barry Eaton

ISBN-10: 0399166122

ISBN-13: 9780399166129

For the millions of people that enjoyed To Heaven and Back, Heaven is for Real, and Proof of Heaven,
a hot and distinct account of lifestyles among lives—and our lives to come

What occurs while an individual dies? What does it think like? What precisely is the sunshine on the finish of the tunnel? Is reincarnation genuine? And if that is so, do spirits have any effect over their lives to come?
according to his personal awesome studies speaking with those that have omitted, Barry Eaton solutions those questions about the spirit international, and plenty of, many extra. Taking the reader on a trip in the course of the realm of the spirit, the writer information the full technique of crossing into the subsequent existence, from the adventure “home,” to adapting to new residing stipulations within the afterlife, or even delving into what varieties of actions can be on hand there, and the way we will be able to be ready for our personal own journey.
This booklet will provide desire, alleviate worry, and supply convenience for somebody who has questions or matters approximately existence after death.

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It is what we see when we begin to view auras, and looks the same as the physical body. This first layer fades and disappears a few days after death. The next layer, the astral body, is best described as our mind, or consciousness. After the energy from the etheric body is cut off after death, the astral body returns to what are generally known as the astral planes. Here, there are many different levels or planes of existence. Our soul is guided to its appropriate level, according to our development.

The astral body is attached to our physical body by a very fine silver cord. This cord allows us to return to our body after astral traveling at night. Once the cord is cut, in what we refer to as death, our physical body perishes and our astral and physical bodies separate permanently. After the physical body perishes, the life force is transferred to the etheric body for a short period of time. This helps us to adjust to the new conditions. After that the life force passes on to our astral body for the next stage of its journey back to the spiritual realm.

I looked around the room and thought they must be hiding in cupboards or something, because I couldn’t see a soul anywhere. It turned out the room was actually full of souls. My parents, an uncle or two, a cousin not long passed over, and a lot of other deceased family members and friends were there. Judy had organized the gathering as my advance Christmas present. She described each of them to Ruth, who then passed on appropriate messages to me. Ruth was stunned at the turnout, as she did not know anything about my family and had only met Judy fleetingly.

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