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Contemporary with the Vulcan was the Handley Page Victor, designed to fulfil the same specification of the 'V bomber programme. was very different, ful for configuration featured a grace- Its it crescent wing. The first production Victor flew for time on 1 February 1956, and these aircraft fulfilled both a strategic bomber and reconnaissance role. Like many large bomber aircraft whose role has been usurped by longrange ballistic missiles, Victors have been converted to flying fuel tankers. The illustration (72 right) shows an early Victor in white anti-radiation paint scheme.

If a situation they can call develops that needs land or air action, for helicopters to bring in troops, or direct strike aircraft to blast enemy positions. • iXV i Jl-^-^ It Civil 1933 Transport The greatest revolution in ci\il transport aircraft came in when the Boeinj? Company in America introduced their Model 247 (83 right). Less well-known than some of the aircraft that superseded it, the 247 was the progenitor of the modern airliner. A well streamlined low-wing monoplane, powered by two 550 hp Pratt & Whitney radial engines, it had retractable landing gear to reduce drag in Hight and w as the first transport aircraft to ha\e a de-icing system for wings and tail unit.

It was fortunate that Ling-Temco-Vought's F-8 Crusader (43 top) did not need a similar take-off run to Lockheed's Starfinhter, being an air-superiority fighter designed for operation from the US Na\y's aircraft carriers. \a\y's V'F-32 Squadron in March 1957, but the F-8Ks illustrated, aboard the carrier USS lndef)endence, did not enter service until September 1961. Equipped with search and radar, the Crusaders can carry air-to-air or missiles, bombs and rockets. When, 36 in 1963, the US Navy tire-control air-to-surface initiated a design com- petition for a light attack aircraft, Ling-Temco-\'ought proposed a machine based on the F-8 Crusader.

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