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By Cynthia Y. Young

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Reflections y = - f ( x) e y = f (- x) Reflect f about the x-axis. Reflect f about the y-axis. qxd 11/14/12 9:43 PM Page 2 0 Prerequisites and Review walk successfully along a tightrope? ” Would you be able to walk successfully along a beam (4 inches wide)? Most people would probably say yes—even though for some of us it is still challenging. Think of this chapter as the foundation for your walk. The more solid your foundation is now, the more successful your walk through College Algebra will be. The purpose of this chapter is to review concepts and skills that you already have learned in a previous course.

3(x ϩ 5) b. 2(y Ϫ 6) Solution (a): ➤ 3(x ϩ 5) ϭ 3(x) ϩ 3(5) Use the distributive property. ϭ 3x ϩ 15 Perform the multiplication. Solution (b): ➤ 2(y Ϫ 6) ϭ 2(y) Ϫ 2(6) Use the distributive property. ϭ 2y Ϫ 12 Perform the multiplication. ■ YO U R T U R N ■ Use the distributive property to eliminate the parentheses. a. 2(x ϩ 3) Answer: a. 2x ϩ 6 b. 5y Ϫ 15 b. 5(y Ϫ 3) You also probably know the rules that apply when multiplying a negative real number. ” P R O P E RTI E S O F N E GATIVE S MATH (LET a DESCRIPTION AND b BE POSITIVE REAL NUMBERS) EXAMPLE A negative quantity times a positive quantity is a negative quantity.

X = x for x ϭ any real number. xn 85. Ϫ16t2 ϩ 100t for t ϭ 3 86. 80. xϪ1 ϩ xϪ2 ϭ xϪ3 a3 - 27 for a ϭ Ϫ2 a - 4 n k 81. Simplify A (am) B . -n -k 82. Simplify A(a-m) B . ■ CHALLENGE 87. 5 ϫ 108 square kilometers of land on the surface of the Earth. If one square kilometer is approximately 247 acres, how many acres per person are there on Earth? Round to the nearest tenth of an acre. 89. Evaluate: (4 * 10-23)(3 * 1012) -10 . Express your answer in (6 * 10 ) both scientific and decimal notation. ■ 88.

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