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By Colin Wilson

ISBN-10: 0738719692

ISBN-13: 9780738719696

In this vintage publication on UFOs, bestselling writer Colin Wilson, a popular authority at the paranormal, examines the proof and develops a definitive thought of the alien touch phenomenon.

Alien Dawn covers Wilson's research into documented facts of odd and unexplained phenomena, together with UFOs, poltergeists, historic folklore, time slips, out-of-body reviews, mystical information, and psychic go back and forth to different worlds. the end result: a desirable and encyclopedic learn of the advanced nature of fact. this is often essentially the most finished explorations of the topic undertaken, with conclusions certain to surprise the reader, even if believer or skeptic.

Features a brand new advent by means of the writer.

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When she went to pick up the eggs, she screamed with fright: they were hot, and proved to be hard-boiled. Later, as they drove through a remote part of Tel Aviv with Geller at the wheel, they heard a chirping sound like a cricket. Then they saw a pulsating blue light in the air. Geller told Puharich and Iris to wait, while he walked in the direction of the chirping sound and the blue light. Sometime later he returned, looking as if he was in a trance. In his hand he carried the missing pen cartridge.

I wanted to know whether everything described in the book had really happened. Geller, I knew, had now broken with Puharich, not without some ill feeling, so would have no reason not to answer my question truthfully. In fact, he told me with obvious sincerity, ‘Everything happened as Andrija describes it’. ’ ‘I don’t know. I don’t know where they come from’. ’ He shook his head. ‘I find that hard to believe because whatever lies behind my powers seems to be intelligent. Sometimes it plays jokes.

It did not occur to me to ask him what he was doing nowadays. There was plenty to absorb during the three-day conference. Rhea White talked about ‘exceptional human experience’, and described how she had become interested in the subject in her teens, when the car she was driving was sideswiped by a skidding coal truck in a snowstorm. She suddenly found herself floating above the car, so high that she thought she could see the eastern seaboard. Then the thought struck her: ‘So this is what it’s like to die’.

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