Leo Vinci's An Enochian Dictionary - GMICALZOMA PDF

By Leo Vinci

ISBN-10: 0755202244

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The 2002 model of the Enochian Dictionary first written within the sixteenth century via Dr. John Dee and Sir Edward Kelly. This model has been prolonged extra with new information about Dee and Kelly yet no longer adequate the writer feels to name it a brand new variation, extra a 2002 version because it includes either previous and new now.

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I am sure Dee used discretion regarding what he revealed and to whom. Dee used magic to gain practical advantages and each level he gained raised him like a ladder to the next. The knowledge he sought was often used to help his fellow creatures on their way, each according to their ability. ’ 30 The Monas was famous even during Dee’s life, but not popular with the Universities and Dee thought they simply did not understand it and openly said so. ’ I am sure this did not endear him to many but especially in the Universities because he was right — they did not understand it or like it.

The man who did the most damage to Dee’s reputation was John Foxe in the early editions of his work Acts and Monuments. This is its short title because as said earlier, the Elizabethans seemed to like long titles for their written works in particular. Acts and Monuments was a highly successful book 28 in the Elizabethan period and it underwent four editions in Foxe’s lifetime alone. John Foxe (1516-1587) was born in Lincolnshire and at the age of 16, he entered Oxford and became a fellow of Magdalene College from where he resigned in 1545 because he would not comply with the rules.

Allen was famous for his knowledge of antiquity, philosophy and mathematics, he spent some time at Henry Percy’s house where he became acquainted with Thomas Harriot, John Dee and the other famous mathematicians of the day. His exceptional skills in mathematics and astrology only served to gain him the accusation of being a magician — which in truth he was. He is accused of using the black art to bring about a match between his patron Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester and Queen Elizabeth. It would not be an unfair comment to say that Thomas Allen resembled John Dee in many ways.

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