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By Aran Paulus, Antje Klockow-Beck, Kevin D. Altria

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Carbohydrates are subsequent to nucleic acids and proteins the 3rd vital type of biopolymers and we're simply commencing to comprehend their position in organic platforms on a molecular point. in recent times, the post-translational amendment of proteins has got elevated curiosity. in particular the glycosylation of enzymes, receptors and antibodies is the point of interest of various learn porjects because it turns into transparent that carbohydrates are excited by mobile conversation and immuno attractiveness methods. so as ot comprehend this "sweet sugar language" and accordingly use it in proteomics and the improvement of biopharmaceuticals, appropriate analytical innovations need to be built to split carbohydrates with excessive selectivity in complicated organic matrices and quantify them in in minute quantities.

the current monograph covers all points of carbohydrate research by way of Capillary Electrophoresis together with instrumental points, derivatization for prime sensitivity functions, separation stipulations and functions in quite a few fields and industries. will probably be a priceless resource of knowledge for everybody interested in carbohydrate study in existence sciences together with glycobiology, biotechnology and immunology and within the nutrients industry.

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Fluorescence is among the most sensitive detection principles known. In a few reports, a deuterium or xenon arc lamp or a mercury line source was used for fluorescence excitation in CE [35, 36]. However, the small size of the detection window and the required high photon density for efficient excitation made lasers an ideal source for fluorescence detection in capillaries [37]. Laser induced fluorescence (LIF) detection became the preferred detection method in CE for high sensitivity applications.

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For a systematic representation of the stereochemical relations of aldoses and ketoses ("sugar-trees") the authors refer to references [2-4]. Starting with tetrose and 2-pentulose, all monosaccharides can cyclize into rings forming an intramolecular hemiacetal or hemiketal. The resulting five and six membered lactols are called furanoses and pyranoses, respectively. The lactol formation leads to an additional chiral center and therefore formation of two diastereomeric pyranoses and furanoses each.

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