Analytical methods for coal and coal products, Volume 1 by Clarence Karr PDF

By Clarence Karr

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They are derived pre­ sumably from charring of plant tissues. Certain inertinites may be the result of intensive biochemical processes (Teichmüller, 1950). Inertinite derives its name from the fact that it is inert or semi-inert during normal carbonization processes in a retort, although micrinite may even be considered as a reactive maceral (Teichmüller, 1974a). Depending on their shape, size, degree of preservation of cellular structure, and intensity of charring, inertinites are subdivided into fusinite, semifusinite, macrinite, micrinite, sclerotinite, and inertodetrinite (Figs.

Ting, F. T. , and Spackm an, W. (1975). C. R. Int. Congr. Carboniferous Stratigr. , 7th, Krefeld, 1971 4, 305-31 1. , and de Ruiter, E. (1966). Adv. Chem. 55, 3 32 -343. ANALYTICAL METHODS FOR COAL AND COAL PRODUCTS, VOL. I Chapter 2 The Reflectance of Coal Alan Davis DEPARTMENT OF GEOSCIENCES THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY PARK, PENNSYLVANIA I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. I. Introduction The O ptical P roperties of V itrinite and O ther Macerals A. V itrin ite Reflectance and Its R elation ship to R efractive and A bsorption Indices B.

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