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The Damascus record is among the most vital texts from the Qumran caves. half one in all this spouse deals a lucid and up to date advent to all of the manuscripts, together with the 8 lately released from Qumran Cave four. It additionally offers a assessment of the major components of scholarly study in this very important Qumran textual content.

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5), beca use he did not choose to incorpora te them. First List, {ol. 129 recto ' : SeCOlld List, {ol. 133 recto Third List. {ol. 133 verso I. Sy ri a I. Persians I. Ca ppadocians 2. siqlliii 2. Armenians 2. Arm enians 3. eladJ 3. Cilicia'ls 3. Cilicia ns 4 . Land of the Romans 4. Isauria ns 4. Isaurians 5. Island s of the Sea 5. Cappadociam 5. per,qre or feriq"ii 6. mnrein (Egypt) 6. sillqel;e 6. eialiii! 7. Syria 7. eladall iji 7. siliiqie (Scleucians) s. s. PI;lCes of the East 9. Promised Land Dwellers in Land of Romans 9.

S;I,kur, S' /)yU"IISc/)f ·I ~xl". pp. 'P - 5 1 (la>! ye"" o f ConSl ant ine IV, 66~ - cc ngntea IT ~nal 26 I ·Texts Where was Pseudo· Methodius' tract composed ? ' Sackur held th at the thoughr of the work , its chronological scheme, and the sources used point to Syriac Christianity as the origin of the work, a concl usio n that Wl S enor· mously strengthened by Kmosko's d iscovery of the fu ll Syriac text. ' But S:lckuT W:lS also aware of Pseudo ·M ethod ius' interest in Bab yloni:l and Ihat his knowledge of Babylonian hislOry and legend was derived from Ira nian na

F"l. wh~! l'lIef. -Itthodius memio"s that Ihe Romans under Vcspasian and Titus desI TO)·cd Ihe Hcb'e"· St~te "nd ciles in thi s ,0 nO(Clioo D,o. 9: 26 in Ihe following form (fot. 127 ' eClo): ··And alter Ihe Anointed is kilted. · This does nOt ,(,,-,mhle the Greek l ex t -ifI)AI)"P""V'~1){J"""(H )(JJ' ... "w /i,u'""''''pci _ ,·er)· dosc l)·, f", here there i< "0 menli"n of Ihe Anninted. 001)· of an 3noimmem. ~nd Ihe ,mi S<'parales city from huline-;s. The teXI 01 the I'eiiifta is much doser to the S)· riac I'scudo·MethoJius, ··The Anoin ted willlw killed .

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