R. A. Torrey, A.C. Dixon (eds.)'s The Fundamentals: A Testimony to the Truth volume 1-4 PDF

By R. A. Torrey, A.C. Dixon (eds.)

ISBN-10: 0801088097

ISBN-13: 9780801088094

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The Damascus record is among the most crucial texts from the Qumran caves. half one in every of this significant other bargains a lucid and up to date creation to all of the manuscripts, together with the 8 lately released from Qumran Cave four. It additionally offers a evaluation of the most important components of scholarly study in this very important Qumran textual content.

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F. ' The Funda ntals T H E SCHOLARSHIP ARGUMENT. " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " ' " " " " ! (" " The Hist ry of the Higher Cri icism. A GREAT M ISTAKE. (" " ( " " (" " " " i " " ( " NOT ALL O N ONE SIDE. " e Funda entals. ( ' " " " " he History of the Higher Criticism. ) " (" " " " ' " m The Fundamentals. " " C HAPTER I I BY PROFESSOR GEORGE FREDERICK WRIGHT, D. , LL. , OBERLIN COLLEGE, OBERLIN, O H IO ll I THE BURDEN OF PROOF The Fundamentals I . FAI URE OF THE ARGU ENT FRO TERARY ANA YS S ( Evidence of Textual Criticism.

WHAT OF C HRIST'S AUTHORITY ? The attitude of Christ to the Old Testament Scriptures must determine ou rs. inal voice. l-Ie i s God. He i s truth. He is the Supreme Judge. H i s is the There is no appeal Christ J esus the Lord believed and airmed from that court. the h i storic veracity of the whole writings implici tly ( Luke of the Old Testament And the Canon, or collec tion of Books o ' the Old Testament, was precisely the same i n Christ's time as i t i s today. ur Lord believed and And furth er.

Die Biblische The l e issen ch tlich D geste lt. "B iblical C it ci m a d o de Thought T. and T. Cl a k, 1 0 . 62 The Funda TH R FALLA Y : * Histo y of THE z t on i nta s E En lan . TURAL BOO . 63 Fal a i s of the Higher Criticism The church doc rine of the full inspiration of the Bible is almost never held by the higher critics o f any class, even of the more believing. Here and there we may di scover one and another who try to save some fragments o f the church docĀ­ trine, but they are few and far between, and the salvage to which they cling is so small and poor that it is scarcely worth while.

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